Portland’s Own Liv Warfield Rocks On The Jimmy Fallon Show!

After years on the road with Prince, the hometown singer shows she’s her own master of the stage.

I have never been giddy from a late night television performance. I am giddy. And I have chills. Homegirl Liv Warfield, who made a name for herself on Stumptown stages years before hitting the road with Prince and the New Power Generation, just melted the Jimmy Fallon stage last night—not to mention television sets the nation over.

Backed by a choreographed band of 16 in formal wear, and decked out in a black cape, mile-high heels as thin as pencils, and a glittering gold bracelet that could stop a bullet, Warfield channels David Bowie, Annie Lennox, and the Purple One himself for the ball-busting soul number “Why Do You Lie” from her upcoming album The UnexpectedThose eyes, those snarls, that voice. We knew she had soul, but she’s learned showmanship from the best and has reached new heights of badassness. She’s a blazing juggernaut of soul that we predict is going places. From Jimmy Fallon’s reaction (see video, below), he heartily agrees.

Portland has a new star, and she is fierce.


ALSO, check out Portland’s own Noraa Ish & Kid Pistol who were recently on VH1: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyNeJuwCC2HT_7MUGFaMGRZwKOV5cl91g

source: portlandmontlymag.com

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