A Letter That You Need To Read

Is success having your name screamed out by millions of fans because you have connected with them in some way through your perfectly aligned words to make them feel like you were speaking to them? Maybe, through God or some matching frequencies in the energy of the universe, you connected to someone who needed to HEAR your song – your emotion, your passion, your reassurance – just like you needed them to LISTEN to your song for the same reasons. The artist hears sounds and beautiful melodies, but there’s always ONE melody that stands above the rest and make the artist put down his pen and begin to bleed his emotions because he/she is subconsciously emotionally obligated (big words, you like that shit?). On the other end, the listener hears music all day through the radio that they are TOLD is good music, but often can’t see the correlation. The listener continues their day, then suddenly will hear a song while in their car, in a mall, on TV, or some jackass playing their shit too loud next door. Without being told “this is what you need to hear”, the person KNOWS they need to hear this song because it strikes some weird nerve that gives you that “spine tingling” feeling when you instantly love a song to death. I’ll be the first to admit, if I never “make it” in this music industry, it’s because I refuse to give into all these corny fucks whose motives are to buy 5 cars, drink 3 bottles of Cognac in the club…and potentially have 0 soul before their life even ends. I write songs that people need to hear as much as I need to write them and have them listen and we keep our hands in charity work, when we can.

This year has been outstanding: We created the DYAD album, were nominated for artists of the year, created a highly respectable music video, got our music on iTunes Radio and Pandora and we just got aired on national television via VH1 last night. Shoot, I even built my own home studio and taught myself how to mix and record a song to industry standards. I’ve met outstanding people and connected with new fans that I love. And, I also learned to believe in myself more, work harder, ignore failures, stay positive through a world of negative happenings and to remain strong enough to inspire others and provide them happiness, even if I’m fending off my own demons on the inside.

What I have left to say to YOU reading this is that I truly hope that I have left some sort of even miniscule impact on every single one of your lives this year. The new album Notes & Letters is being released on December 31st and contains my life in 6 songs. And, in those 6 songs, I’m certain that you will not have to be TOLD “this is what you need to hear”, you will just feel that you need to hear them.

I personally invite you to take a listen to what we’ve done with this album and get to know me better.

Thank you for being by my side this year in my journey. I love you guys. Sincerely,

Kid Pistol 

SPECIAL DEAL: $8.99, receive digital copy on Christmas! Pre-order here:https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=4546Z6Q74Z6VJKid Pistol


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