Notes & Letters Album Coming December 31st!

We’re VERY excited and pleased to announce that new album “Notes & Letters” from Kid Pistol and Alan Logston arrives December 31st! Thanks to photography from Nsite Pictures, check out the cover to the album below:

Notest & Letters coming December!

To close out this year, Noraa Ish & Kid Pistol were accepted into Pandora, which is huge for independent artists. Then, they will compete for the Artists of the Year title on December 6th at this year’s RAW awards. Then, December 16th they will make their first-time debut of a song on VH1. Notes & Letters is a perfect way to celebrate the end of this eventful year and begin the next with a bang. This album has a really fresh concept to it; Alan Logston composes 5 original, beautiful piano pieces. Then, using those same piano pieces, Kid Pistol sculpts completely new songs from those compositions. We have very high expectations of this project. Please be sure to share the link to this post on your Facebook or Twitter: It’s easy to support! Blessings.


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