Amazing – Fly Underwater With The New ‘Subwing’


This really is a cool new underwater gadget: Subwing! A new watersport that gives you the sensation of underwater flight with virtually full freedom of movement. Glide through the water like a dolphin, do thrilling spins and turns, or just relax on the surface.

The SUBWING consists of two separate wings connected in a rotatable swivel. By grabbing the grip on each wing, it can easily be controlled in all directions.

subwing02 640x423 Fly underwater with SubWingsubwing03 640x297 Fly underwater with SubWingsubwing04 640x480 Fly underwater with SubWingsubwing05 640x480 Fly underwater with SubWingsubwing06 640x480 Fly underwater with SubWingsubwing07 640x480 Fly underwater with SubWingsubwing08 640x480 Fly underwater with SubWing


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