Heart-stopping Photography


This is heart-stopping photography by Vitaly Raskalo, a daredevil that climbs on high buildings, bridges, cranes and alike  and capture it visually through the art of photography. They call themselves..”Skywalkers”..

VitalyRaskalov01 640x409 Heart stopping PhotographsVitalyRaskalov02 640x419 Heart stopping PhotographsVitalyRaskalov03 640x411 Heart stopping PhotographsVitalyRaskalov04 640x381 Heart stopping PhotographsVitalyRaskalov05 640x426 Heart stopping PhotographsVitalyRaskalov06 640x961 Heart stopping PhotographsVitalyRaskalov07 640x425 Heart stopping PhotographsVitalyRaskalov08 640x415 Heart stopping PhotographsVitalyRaskalov09 640x426 Heart stopping PhotographsVitalyRaskalov10 640x426 Heart stopping PhotographsVitalyRaskalov11 640x416 Heart stopping PhotographsVitalyRaskalov13 640x417 Heart stopping PhotographsVitalyRaskalov14 640x426 Heart stopping Photographs

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