Infrared Photography


Photographer David Keochkerian shot these amazing infrared photographs, reversing the seasons with white trees appearing in spring, and bushes are transformed into something that looks like fragile blades of bubble gum.

infrareddavid01 640x426 Beautiful Infrared Photographyinfrareddavid02 640x426 Beautiful Infrared Photographyinfrareddavid03 640x640 Beautiful Infrared Photographyinfrareddavid04 640x640 Beautiful Infrared Photographyinfrareddavid05 640x425 Beautiful Infrared Photographyinfrareddavid06 640x427 Beautiful Infrared Photographyinfrareddavid08 640x640 Beautiful Infrared Photographyinfrareddavid09 640x479 Beautiful Infrared Photographyinfrareddavid10 640x431 Beautiful Infrared Photographyinfrareddavid11 640x426 Beautiful Infrared Photographyinfrareddavid12 640x425 Beautiful Infrared Photography






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