30 Opinions

Y.H.N by Noraa Ish

We asked 30 people who have never before heard of Noraa Ish, what they thought about Y.H.N. Here’s what they had to say:

We really enjoyed responses 17, 18 and 24. Which ones do you like or agree with the most?

1. – “The rapper is pretty “real” and “raw”. I say this due to his lyrics. The whole song comes together nice through the different sounds combined with the raps. Pretty nice composition right here.”

2. – “i loved the melody and chorus, this has huge potential to be a commercial chart it. It was catchy and the lyrics were really honest and heart felt.”

3. – “It is a catchy song and i would buy this. the rap part is my favorite. The lyrics over all are fun to listen to”

4.  – “The artist rhymes are personal and real. That’s a plus. He performs them well, never missing a beat. That’s also a plus.”

5. – “Ya happy now? A strong feeling from a male that has hard feelings. I love this song it’s a little different and I think that’s why I like it. Amazing work from the heart.”

6. – “Not too bad.. the morale of the song was good. I liked the beat and how it sunk to the background when the true words were spoken. I would listen to this song if played on the radio. I thought the rapper did a better job than most do these days”

7. – “This was a big difference to the last songs I’ve gotten. First rap one in a while. I think it’s great. His lyrics are great and he has good flow. I like the back beat, and i think it fits what criteria there is for rap music. I like the back mix and all of that. But his message is good, and that makes most of the song. I’m big into lyrics and he’s actually telling a good story and talking about life, real stuff. I think they’d play it on the radio, and i think people would really like it”

8. – “The vocals to this song are excellent. The lyrics are easy to relate to – and the rapper delivers them nicely. The hook and intro are very catchy. This song has a very good beat. It’s catchy and easy to like. The electronic drums give it a funky feel. The production quality of this song is that of a professional.”

9. – “The rapper’s delivery was believable, and he has a very rich voice.”

10. – “The beginning sounded dreamy and I enjoyed listening to it. The guy is a good artist.”

11. – “The message is a great one as well. Moreover, I really enjoyed the artist’s voice. Overall great track,”

12. – “I really like the beat and the rapper is really talented.”

13. – “the rap was well written as well as executed very well. i like the feeling that the song gives and i can see it being a big hit.”

14. – “I can definitely see this song made into a commercial hit”

15. – “Good rapper, not too fast, not too slow and you can actually understand him. This guys voice is nice and raspy, very similar to a young Jay-Z.”

16. – “I like the song, I would buy the edited version.”

17. – “I was happy to not hear repetition, this artist sounds influential. His voice is confident and unique.”

18. – “Are you happy now?” is a helpful hook. The lyrics will also give someone who remembers the days when hip hop had meaning some cause to forgive the few bad words. As hip hop songs go, this one is a gem: a diamond in the rough waters that hip hop has traversed in recent days. The melodies are eclectic, and the beat is catchy. Sounds like something that would get major air play.”

19. – “The main singers voice was clear and the words could be heard clearly the melody didn’t overwhelm the lyrics and it is very understated which is what i liked about it, it concentrated more on the message of the song. Good chilling track, will be received well.”

20. – “The lyrics are great and the ending is great. You happy now? I would definitely want to hear more about this artist.”

21. – “The rapper has a good lilt though and makes up for the lack of inventive rhythm from the beat.”

22. – “The artist delivers in a way that connects you to the lyrics. The rhyming works and sounds professional. Its unique.”

23. – “I like his performance style. I think he’s talented and he can rap well and can bring in a crowd and make them excited for his music. He has a nice voice.”

24. – “This artist speaks with the type of pain in his heart that can not be faked. The artist spits his words with style and pain that sits the listener down and make him pay attention to this artist. I mean dude opened up his soul on this track. My final analysis of this song is that this is a one of a kind song that has all the up and downs that a great song should have. The artist will do well in his career and should keep on making songs that have meaning. I would like to meet this artist.”

25. – “This song’s intro definitely caught my attention. The melody is quite interesting. The artist’s vocals are raw and edgy. The lyrics, although a little explicit, are pretty good. The track is sick. The attractive harmony and strong dynamics make this one next to perfect. A great rhythmic tune is a gem to find.”

26. – “Good annunciation and the delivery were strong and well thought out. Good hook. The ad-libs really allow the vocal track to connect.”

27. – “Great depth to this track. This song flows seamlessly with the harmony between the male and female vocalist. Soundtrack highlights the great tone quality of the vocals. High production value and very well done. Stunning transitions from verse to verse, there is nothing choppy about this track compared to the normal breaks from male to female performers. Great potential to go very far in this business”

28. – “At the start of the song I really liked it. Sounded like something that I would listen too. Then the artist started singing and I fell in love. I love the beat to it. Reminded me of something like Drake or Jay-Z would produce. I want to hear more of this artist”

29. – ” You have a nice smooth flow with your lyrics. I could see myself rollin slow through the city blasting this bobbing my head. It has an underground sound sort of like a new age tu pac. I really do like the vocals and lyrics, Its smooth and catchy.”

30. – “I can picture this song on the radio.”


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