New Single ‘Y.H.N’ by Noraa Ish

Click the image to listen and download ‘Y.H.N’ (You Happy Now) by Noraa Ish


1st Verse

They say what about your fans?

What about your fans?

Why don’t ya’ll tell me what part is hard to understand?

I’m so in an out of fuck it, I don’t know who I am

I been running so long I forget how to stand

I forget what I’m saying

I’m so forgetful with games

I forget the fuck that I’m playing

Forget there’s no friends in fame

Forget I started out with nothing an I’m gonna leave here the same

Forget it ain’t about the money so I don’t see how ya’ll change


2nd Verse

Tell me that you kidding us

No matter what we give em it would seem we never did enough

An I ain’t got no more to give

On my last piece of life an if you take it whats to live

But I’m all through these albums

You jus in an out the stands

So while you opening your hands

You don’t see I could barely stand

You don’t see what’s inside a man

You just see it for what you seeing

You don’t see who the fuck I am

So I’ma tell these fucking posers

Use a fucking coaster on my table like you post to

Coasting in my Porsche, post up

Ask em how they like me now, close up

My posture in that poster

Really how I am

I can’t see no reason like most ya

Find a faulty image you ain’t fit it now you forced to

Pretend like you some shit that you ain’t close to

Everybody wanna blow up

When you as ill as I you ain’t even got to show up


3rd Verse

You can’t see how I’m the greatest

I’ma put you up on Lasiks

I ain’t saying that latest is the worst but they the fakest

Fuck em for what they name is

I can’t even picture faces

All I see is picture traces of people who laid the basis

All I’m doing is shit that you ain’t seen in a minute

Tell you how I feel an I ain’t go’n leave till I vented

I’m a product of creation

You just something they invented

I ain’t never took a life but when I see you I’m so tempted


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