XBox One VS. PS4 – Arguments For Each

Now that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been confirmed, the next big question on many video game players’ minds is which is the superior device.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo has offered several opportunities to experience both consoles up close, and each has their own set of advantages. Before we break them down, keep in mind that a lot could change in the few months until launch. This is about their potential as of this moment.

With that in mind, here are three arguments for each video game console

Three reasons to buy the PlayStation 4 over Xbox One:

It’s less restrictive. Sony Computer Entertainment of America President Jack Tretton did not mince words at the company’s E3 press briefing, saying PS4 “won’t impose any new restrictions” on pre-owned titles. On Xbox One, it’s a bit more murky, with limitations on lending games to friends and game rentals.

Tretton also said PS4 won’t require a persistent online connection. Sure, Xbox One technically doesn’t either, but if a player’s console doesn’t receive an online check within 24 hours, it won’t play games offline. In short, it appears PS4 players will have a lot more freedom in how they manage their gaming library.

It’s cheaper. Coming from the offices of Captain Obvious, this one is a clear plus. A $399 price tag is more attractive than a $499 one, especially since there will be few gaps in the number of third-party experiences available. Even though owners will now have to add a PlayStation Plus subscription for online multiplayer (it has been free on PSN), it’s still a great deal.

A large, diverse games library. Sony boasts an incredible selection of first-party studios, including one of the best in the business in Naughty Dog, who launches The Last of Us this Friday. Also, the PS4 will also independent game studios to publish their own titles without Sony assistance. That could potentially open the doors to a broader selection of titles to choose from.

Three reasons to buy the Xbox One over PS4:

Xbox Live. Microsoft’s online network has remained far ahead of the PlayStation Network for years, and it should get better. It’s not just a great hub for multiplayer games, but features a more elegant, consistent experience overall. Soon, players will see clever options such as Smart Match and Snap, which allows users to have two apps running simultaneously.

Powerful first-party options around launch. The selection of first-party titles available at or near the Xbox One’s launch is impressive, between third-person action title Ryse: Son of Rome, the mech-friendly first-person shooter Titanfall, racing titleForza Motorsport 5 and mesmerizing music game Fantasia. Then there’s the arrival of a new Halo title slated for some time next year. It’s a solid lineup.

The Kinect/SmartGlass combination. Owners should have several options for controlling and consuming contact through an Xbox One. In the case of Kinect, it’s about voice and gesture controls, and it’s not just for entertainment. Games like Dead Rising 3 require players to keep quiet or face the wrath of a zombie horde. With SmartGlass, players can follow their progression on games like Ryse and compare to their friends. Expect the options to expand even further.

Readers, weigh in. Which do you prefer: PS4 or Xbox One?



2 thoughts on “XBox One VS. PS4 – Arguments For Each

  1. Xbox One is the surperior entertainment device. Get past the bad PR they receive and really think about what you are receiving with the purchase of an Xbox One and you will agree Microsoft’s Xbox One is the way to go. You have an already streamlined Live experience along with top notch games ready for launch. Awesome application integration with multi-tasking. And my favorite: the direction of cloud gaming. Microsoft knows the future is in the cloud and they are doing whatever they can to increase their jump on this new direction and in the end, they will be far ahead of Sony.

  2. What really disappoints me is the fact that you almost NEED an internet connection to play – what happened to good ol’ pop in and play? Or, the limitations they are putting on the used/borrowed/old gen games. I’ve always thought XBox was superior until this recent news. I still won’t buy a PS4, but I’m having a really hard time wanting the XBox One enough to buy it.

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