Introducing: The Green Room!

At KPM, our job is to: create, inspire, give you the juiciest entertainment details, gossip, make aware and provide intriguing stories that will, no doubt, inform you on interesting sh#t you didn’t know before. But, we also love to just have fun, talk, listen to unheard artists’ music and meet new people that love to do the same things as us. So, without further ado, we bring to youuuuuuu – The Green Room! Here, you can talk to others about sports, food, The Walking Dead, your shitty day at work, your upcoming wedding date, your poopy experience at Mcdonald’s, your new favorite song you just heard on the radio – ANYTHING YOU LOVE. You can also post links to your music, videos, blog, website, etc. for others to enjoy.  Maybe KPM will critique your music, as well. Either way, feel free to start your own thread and make sure to respond to someone else’s, too! Have fun! Click the image to begin:!thegreenroom/c8jw!thegreenroom/c8jw


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