Saturday Morning Breather (Song)

Let’s face it; you hate your job. We wish we could say the same (not really) about our job. Nevertheless, you hate your job, and as soon as you get to work on Monday, you’re counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until you clock off on Friday again. And, what’s more, when you turned on your tv on Saturday morning, you USEDDDDDD to see good cartoons like Bugs Bunny kicking Elmer Fudd in the ballsack, thus “kicking” off a downward spiral of tragic events to come for him until the end of the episode, where Bugs Bunny would always win. But, it never got old. Because it was good sh#t. Now, you turn on the tv and see knocked-up 16 year olds idolized on MTV for being on the small screen. Anyways, we thought we’d present a new way for you to enjoy this Saturday morning; something we call the Saturday Morning¬†Breather. Enjoy Breathe from Noraa Ish & Kid Pistol.



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