KPM Records of Giving

KPM CHarityKPM has an extraordinary team of selfless people. Before KPM, when Kid Pistol was growing up in Portland, OR,  he and a friend would find random strangers through social media to help them give back to the community. Kid brought together people from all over the city and orchestrated a mass hand-out of sack lunches to people in need. Instead of giving unruly amounts of money to charities that claim to help people, Kid directly affected the lives of people in the streets on his own will.  With Kid Pistol as our leader and GOD in all of our hearts, KPM Records will never stop that beautiful philosophy of helping people the affective way. Still, KPM hasn’t been able to truly afford the things they would like to and yet, they continue to use their resources to help the community. The first charitable event that KPM created was Project H3. With the help of local businesses and artists alike, Project H3 was fully responsible for donating thousands of sweatshirts, and over $2,000 to house and keep the less fortunate, warm. We all must remember; we have problems, desires, ambitions, and struggle not to bitter ourselves, in thinking we have “Unlucky” lives, but there is always someone less fortunate than you. If we can all perceive our purpose the way KPM has, then maybe, everyone could have a chance at happiness.

Stick around, at to get to know KPM even more.

You can find more information on project H3 at


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