Crazy Sh#t You Never Knew. Guaranteed Most Interesting Thing You Read Today.

Here at KPM, we keep high standards in just about every aspect of our business and how we run it. With that said – KPM is not “all work, no play”. This blog sometimes serves as our outlet to f#ck around just a bit. We never know when we’ll get the free time to f#ck around again, so we take it when we can get it, and then we turn it into blog and then turn it over to you, so that when you’re bored and online browsing useless information (like pictures of cats with retarded memes) and you’re f#cking around, you can read what we wrote when we were bored and f#cking around and then you could be entertained for a few minutes more. Anyways. Enjoy these useless, yet addictively interesting factlets we put together while bored and f#cking around…

In Japan they have square watermelons.

They get square watermelons by growing them inside of square glass cases. That way they can fit easily into an overcrowded refrigerator, and you can stack things on them.

Square watermelons are expensive though (10,000 yen or about $82). Compare that to regular round watermelons which cost about $15-20 in Japan.

The square boxes they’re grown in are the exact dimensions of Japanese refrigerators, which means they fit perfectly. At $82 each, these square watermelons probably wouldn’t be too popular in the United States. Our solution for a lack of refrigerator space? Smaller, seedless watermelons.

Those stars and colors you see when you rub your eyes are called phosphenes.

Have you ever closed your eyes, rubbed them and seen stars? Or at least little pops of light? It turns out that those pops of light have a name: phosphenes.

They are a phenomenon characterized by seeing light without light actually entering the eye. This rubbing mechanically stimulates the cells of the retina causing this effect. Sometimes, these phosphenes can still be seen for moments after you open your eyes.

Meditators have also reported experiencing phosphenes, and they have actually been known since antiquity. Ancient Greeks described them. Other reasons people ‘see stars’ are because of sneezing, coughing, blowing your nose or receiving a blow to the head.

The total weight of all the ants on Earth is about the same as the weight of all the humans on earth.

Unless you leave food out and attract them, humans rarely have a need to think about ants. They’re tiny, not poisonous and not particularly terrifying, like say, spiders. However, they far outnumber humans on earth–by one million to one!

Funnily enough, they are also roughly a millionth of a human in size too. Do the math–the total weight of all the ants on earth matches the total weight of the entire human population.

There are 10,000 different types of ants and they’ve been around for a long time. Ancients ants have been discovered in fossilized sap from 100 million years ago!

Over time, ants have changed very little. Their way of life and survival is successful. Some scientists attribute this to their unselfish ways. Ants live in colonies and bring their prey back to their many relatives to share.

As a punishment for misbehavior, Thai cops have to wear pink Hello Kitty armbands.

A police chief in Bangkok, Thailand instituted a new policy for Bangkok cops in 2007. They have to wear pink Hello Kitty armbands with hearts on them as punishment for misbehaving. This punishment could be for just about anything: breaking the law, littering, showing up late to work, parking in the wrong place.

“This new twist is expected to make them feel guilt and shame and prevent them from repeating the offense, no matter how minor. Kitty is a cute icon for young girls. It’s not something macho police officers want covering their biceps.

In early experiments, the unconventional punishment hasn’t worked. Instead of feeling shame, the officers just took them home as souvenirs.

Colgate had troubles marketing in Spanish-speaking countries as their brand name translates to “Go hang yourself.”

If you look up at the sun (which we seriously don’t recommend), you are technically looking back in time.

If you look at the sun RIGHT NOW, you are technically looking back in time. It takes eight minutes for light from the sun to reach Earth.

Therefore, the image of the sun in the sky outside your window at this moment is actually what the sun looked like about eight minutes ago.

In 1518 there was a DANCING PLAGUE in Strasbourg, France. 400 people danced uncontrollably for A MONTH, dozens of lives were lost and NO ONE KNOWS WHY.

It all started when a woman named Frau Troffea decided to start dancing in the streets in July of 1518. What ensued was an inexplicable city-wide dancing craze, where hundreds took to street dancing. By the end of the month-long dance-off dozens had died from heart attacks, strokes, and exhaustion. Scientists to this day have no explanation for why this happened.

Theories suggest that people were suffering from mass hysteria brought on by distressing conditions, or that they were being punished by the wrath of Saint Vitus, or that people had been consuming a chemical with similar properties to LSD.

A man was struck by two different babies from the fourth floor window of a building on two separate occasions.

In Detroit, in 1937, a baby fell from the 4th floor of a building, falling on a man who was passing below. One year later exactly the same thing happened – another baby, another 4th floor window, same man.

Street Sweeper Joseph Figlock was furbishing up an alley when a baby plopped down from a fourth-story window and struck him on the head and shoulders. Figlock and the baby were injured but not killed. One year later, as Figlock was sweeping out another alley, two-year-old David Thomas fell from a fourth-story window and landed on Figlock with the same results.

In 1979, a woman jumped off the 86th floor of the Empire State Building, and LIVED.

In 1979, a woman jumped off the 86th floor of the Empire State Building, and LIVED.

29-year-old Elvita Adams jumped off of the observation tower on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. As luck would have it, a 30 mph gust of wind blew her straight back up and she landed on a ledge on the 85th floor. She suffered only a fractured hip, and a security guard promptly brought her back inside through a window.

Adams: “I guess the good Lord didn’t mean for me to die just yet.”

Anyways, we got work to do and sh#t. Back to dancing.


One thought on “Crazy Sh#t You Never Knew. Guaranteed Most Interesting Thing You Read Today.

  1. “In 1979, a woman jumped off the 86th floor of the Empire State Building, and LIVED.”
    Underneath that headline is a photo of a young lady standing outside a building that bears no resemblance to any in this COUNTRY, let alone New York City.

    The photo is misleading and is not related to the 1979 incident. Please move it elsewhere on your site for those who want to see it.

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