Al Pacino VS Robert Deniro


Deniro – Actor/Director/Producer
2 Oscars, a Lifetime Achievement Award, a Golden Globe, 1979 Man of the Year, an that’s just to name a select few..

His career highlights;

The Godfather 2, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The King of Comedy, The Untouchables, Midnight Run, Goodfellas, Cape Fear, Mad Dog and Glory, This Boy’s Life, A Bronx Tale, Casino, Heat, Sleepers, Wag the Dog, Ronin, Men of Honor.

He’s a beast! From gangster to thriller to drama and comedy, he’s successfully done it. Limitless. So who could you possibly compare the Don Deniro to?

Pacino – Actor/Director/Producer
Awarded; 1 Oscar, 4 Golden Globes, a Lifetime Achievement, 2 Emmys, again, just to name a select few..

So how’s his resume stack against Roberts? Well;

The Godfather, Serpico, The Godfather 2, Dog Day Afternoon, Scarface, Glengarry Glen Ross, Scent of a Woman, Carlito’s Way, Heat, Donnie Brasco.

Pacino is simply amazing. Most would have held him as a legend for any one film he has made.

So. Who wins?

KPM has come to the controversial conclusion, that they are simply the same person. So the winner is, you guessed it!

No questions.


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