The Portland Pick – We Salute You!

KPM and it’s artists have been covered at all angles from multitudes of of media sources. With that said, (and, in a moment of complete bias) The Portland Pick is one of our favorites to work with. First, let us mention that their media team consists of all very funny and humble guys (and gals, Brittany). Second, if the first fact wasn’t enough, then we also need to mention that their team consists of two “Yuriy’s”. Have you ever even heard of the name Yuriy before this? Probably not. But, if you have, you’re lying. Their team has two. TWO. 2. 2!!! Anyways.

“The Portland Pick is a group of close friends that took their skills in media (learned and mastered at Oregon State University) to the city of Portland. The Portland music and entertainment scene has gone long unnoticed. No one has taken it upon themselves to capture and digitally publish all of the amazing artists, bands and entertainers on video, as well as get to know them on a personal level. Our goal is to find the story behind every artist and entertainer we work with.

Whether it’s a band, solo musician, rapper, comedian, event planner, fashion designer, filmmaker, actor, chef, or restaurant owner, we sit down and have a conversation with them. We have intimate interviews where the artist tells us their story. We push the envelope with our questions because we know that every artist is unique. There’s a reason the artist chose their specific genre, the people they play with and the title of their album. We know that someone is thinking it, so we ask it.

The artists we cover are Portland based, from the Northwest or are coming through Portland to perform for the people of Portland. We are unbiased to age group, genre and the length of time the artist has been in the industry.”

PDX Pick covered Kid Pistol, Noraa Ish and Alan Logston on many different occasions, including Project H³ and the RAW Artist of the Year Awards. Check out a few clips here:

Project H³ videos, interviews, photos and story:

To learn more about The Portland Pick, go to Yuriy also has a kick-ass blog there (


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