Meet the ‘Bullet’ Music Video Crew – Aaron Reed (Actor)

Aaron Reed
KPM has had the misfortune of having to filter out some individuals with less-than-desirable work ethic and abrasive personalities. However, we’ve recently had the great privilege of stumbling upon some of the most humble and fearless individuals. One of these individuals plays the character ‘Azazel’ in the upcoming “Bullet” music video – meet Aaron Reed.

In Aaron’s own words,

“I’m not so much a person that’s accomplished things; I’m just along for the ride. How can we say that one experience or another is ours? Which ones do I own? All of them? None of them? It seems that love is here just loving the experience. I have a couple passengers with me; my beautiful wife Heather, and my two year old son Gabriel. They are both my friends and teachers. I’ve worked a number of ‘9-5’  jobs. I’ve traveled a bit. I’ve played music and made friends along the way. I’ve spent time in classrooms. My heart has been broken. My ego has been shattered. My body has felt pain. My soul has felt joy. I’ve been both disappointed and surprised. I’ve felt bliss and agony. I appreciate the simple and profound. I love both solitude and the company of good friends. I’ve learned that it’s important to give and receive, to laugh and to play. And, that the less we hold on to, the more free we are, and that that is the nature of our own being – unassociated and free.”

KPM not only associates itself with talent, but we take pride in also associating ourselves with individuals that have genuine personalities and could be directly associated to our company as a ‘good look’. That’s how we do sh#t. Aaron Reed is a prime example.

Check out Aaron’s blog at


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