Harlem Shake or Harlem Sh*t?


Excuse my language, but I must make something clear.

There are two types of shitty; there is ‘Good-Shitty’, in which something is really stupid, but super awesome at the same time and it temporarily pleases our primitive nature, i.e. Dumb & Dumber. Then, there is ‘Shitty-Shitty’. In this corner we have the best possible example, the ‘Harlem Shake’. It’s not even good-shitty, it’s just shitty-shitty, so why, and I truly mean why, is it soooo popular with people?

Could it be that we simply want something to distract us from all the horrible things going on in the world? NO! It is nothing profound, so stop trying to make an excuse. We simply just aren’t that smart anymore. Monkeys did not evolve into us, no no, you have it backwards. We turn into monkeys inevitably because we just get more dumb.

This originated last year from a couple of teenagers in Australia as the Sunny Coast Skate. Then, some other countries grabbed hold of it and no matter what or where the video came from they all averaged 4,000 views a day on YouTube. It’s because people don’t pay much attention to Australia. Sorry guys,  you’re the only country that was never involved in a war in my textbooks growing up.

And, so it began. I’m still not sure why. Will someone please help us here at KPM Records? We don’t get those kinds of views and we’re pretty sure we’re more entertaining. Maybe not, we’ll probably never know why there is a proud American flag representing these raunchy college kids. It’s probably the same reason everyone likes Katy Perry.

I believe that the answer is that people haven’t heard Noraa Ish & Kid Pistol yet. That day will come, and I promise to you good people, that it will not go unnoticed.


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