Meet Katie Dickson


Meanwhile at KPM, while casting for the ‘Bullet’ music video 2 days before the shoot….

AHHHHHHH!!! What do we do? We need an actress! It’s written on the script, we’re shooting soon, and we are totally unprepared (the usual for KPM)!

So without hesitation Kristin (Soul) Williamson started scouting. She interviewed several possibilities, she felt most were up to the task, but after speaking with one in-particular she knew she had found the one.  God dropped a tiny ball of kick-ass-ness at our feet. Her name is Katie Dickson.  Katie said that she couldn’t wait to do it and that she was going to blow the part out of the water – this was an understatement. Her explosive personality and her infinite source of energy made this video something that nobody expected. “I feel like there is a level of acting in modeling, or at least there should be. I think I experimented with acting since I started modeling. Then, I gave my first on screen attempt in this video.” You would never expect that a nooby would attract the attention of the whole crew when the cameras were rolling, but that’s exactly what she did. She has been modeling for over five years now and has come a long way. She just had her début with RAW Portland and will not stop there. Her drive is that she simply just wants to see what she’s capable of. She told me that while working her day job that she was always “somewhere Else” weather it be “future tripping” or having a “1/4 -life crisis”. This was certainly not the case during the video shoot, she was nothing but dedicated, focused and compassionate towards other people and for the project. KPM Records approves of Katie Dickson and her incredibly limitless talent.


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