Meet the ‘Bullet’ Music Video Crew – Nathan Wilson (Director/Editor/Screenwriter)

Meet Nathan Wilson – Director, screenwriter and editor of the Bullet music video. KPM couldn’t have been more happy in the direction that Nate led this amazing project.

Nathan Wilson

Nathan C. Wilson discovered his love of film-making early in high school. A student in the video production magnate program, he quickly became obsessed with the art of telling stories through film. He would watch anywhere from five to fifteen movies a week, picking apart what he liked and didn’t like about them and why exactly he was drawn to the styles and directors that he was. But, Nathan had a first love; music, which vied for his attention and creative talents. After high school, he had to choose between going to film school and pursuing his music career. Since he already had a strong presence in the music industry he followed that dream. For seven years he wrote music, recorded albums, and toured. But the bi-polar nature of his band’s success drove the members to eventually move on and pursue other interests. For Nathan, this meant a return to film, and what he felt was his true calling as a screenwriter and director. He is now enrolled in PCC’s video production program wherein he has met other like-minded film-makers with whom he has been actively producing short films, music videos, and documentaries. He plans on attending the Northwest Film Center in the near future and is currently working on his first feature film.


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