Noraa Ish – Loaded (Lyrics)


Listen listen yes I think I’m having thoughts
But I don’t hear the voices I just know the voice talks
Heard my brain tell my arm you can take all that you want
Then my wrist told my palm you know them fingers just a pawn
something lives within me
Something we have never seen before
Ya’ll looking up for aliens while standing on this floor
I keep looking at this floor like damn they stood here before
You’ll never find it looking further we are what we’re looking for
One time for the life that I live though
More time for the kid’s living critical
More dreams get shot from the moonlight
More stars from the sky fall tonight
No time for your wounds to heal
No pain that a death can’t steal
No time don’t set with the sunlight
More Stars from the sky fall tonight

No I don’t know
Never felt this way before
I’m just punching on a pigeon hold an pray it let me go
I’m just burning paper faces feel I lost my self-control
Something told me “cake you bake it” we go’n cook that sh*t for sho
Well am I right or am I wrong
To heat the oven leave it on
I met the writer of this song
He wasn’t there I hope he’s gone
In my zone
I’m in my zone
But I hope I make it home
Never talk when your alone you never know who might respond


Time is like a riddle you don’t get it then you f*cked
Life is like a death sentence you live til times up
See the title of the race shows you that it isn’t fair
We all racing towards the end of time but times already there
Suppose I’m posing in the moment just pretending that I care
I’m just waiting on the bolts to send a shock through the chair
An no I never felt better
Cause I know the time is near
So if time is all you have then all you really have is fear



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