Noraa Ish – Darkest Day


Feeling myself like I might go Michael
Lifes like a gun an a guns like a light bulb
Idea good or bad never know when it might blow
Easy on life catch a case no Geico
Plea drop the charge but the judge call him psycho
20 serving 10 good intent then he might go
Parole or get paid?
What the f*ck is a FICO
Strap in the waist to pay rent there go that light bulb
Life is a gamlbe
Life is a gamble
If dice the decisions then see how well we scramble
Bet we always wipe our fingerprints off the handle
Started off innocent enough just a vandal
Graduate to arson accident with a candle
Talk about a bad hand damn that’s a tandem
Two in row an the world don’t understand him
But they don’t wanna listen
So he rot away in prison
Just a victim of the system
That’s the same system that they made to save a victim
I don’t know but somethings missing
How can we heal a human with just hate an isolation?
You don’t understand lets define incarceration
Locked in a cage away from people that could save him
Build a road to hell an use intentions for our pavement
Guess we sell our soul when we can’t afford the payment
A deal with the devil I’m not one to make arrangements
Anything I feel is pretty far away from fake sh*t
Talk about your car in a year that’s a used wip
Read what you want I find my truth in theLord’s print
Believe something else where the faith go to forfeit
Back to yourselves but think just a little bit
I ain’t come to preach I don’t even need a pullpit
Everything good all life is God’s gift


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