Noraa Ish – Starstruck



See the planet can’t f*ck with me
That’s why they waiting on the mother-ship abduct him
I ain’t object
I don’t even connect with man
Spirit is dead
Try to keep the dream killers out of your head
An don’t show em no soul
They don’t recognize fines
The planets full of judist waiting to crucify your flesh
But ya’ll so easily impressed
Happy when Pete Paub swinging shirts across his chest
An no it’s not an honor
Matter fact a regret
I wish my f*cking peers quit calling me one of the best
I’d rather be hated on
An mutilated in the press
An know I’m taking steps on a path that’s traveled less

Difference you an me
You see it an wanna be
I see it an wanna leave
Believe in more than I see
So if God parts the ocean an Moses walks through the sea
You see it an don’t believe
So how you f*cking with me
We seeing what I become
You want it we disagree
So you looking in my eyes an truth is all that you seeing
All you haters liars
All you do is admire
But then sit around the camp trying to kick dirt in the fire


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