Kid Pistol – Reflections (Lyrics)

Reflections promo


When I was young
I was dumb enough to be with you
And now we’ve aged
It ain’t the same
Cuz I’d do anything to be with you
I’ve scaled the mountains, large and small
These fields of green, they’ve left in fall
We’ve touched the moon and played on mars
The wind, it blows/the trees, they know
The stars, they glow and rivers flow
It all revolves
And leaves, they fall for you
I sing this song, but it means nothing at all
When I miss your kiss, I miss your lips
Reflections, reflections
Perfection, perfection
Was standing next to me
Reflections, my reflections
Perfection, her perfection
Was standing next to me

We push, we pull, we turn away
We hide the things we want to say
Through words, our mouths won’t make it known
What, all along, our face shown
Well, I’m running when I’m dreaming
But, somehow I run and go nowhere
When we’re sleeping, we can’t see it
Invisible…you’re so beautiful

Yeah, yeah, oh
Through the years, I’ll wait
Takes my breath away, so bring it back to me
And our love could sing like a symphony
So, give it back to me (x2)
Yeah, yeah, oh


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