Kid Pistol – Good Morning, Goodnight (Lyrics)

Kid Pistol – Good Morning, Goodnight

Beyond my days of gray, the beast in me has changed
From everything I used to be, to everything that you need in me
And, Beyond our days of gray
Our love remains the same
We’re getting hit from all around
And all this noise can seem so loud

Gettin’ up, gettin’ up, we’re standin’ up slow
Gettin’ up, gettin’ up, we’re standin’ up slow-oh-oh-oh
We’re standing up slow-oh-oh-oh, ya know…
Everywhere that we go, all these people we know
We both know that they talk
We don’t care what they say-ay-ay
Don’t care what they say-ay-ay, yeah
I wanna run ’til my lungs breath
I wanna ruin all the city streets
I wanna live ’til my heart can’t beat
With you (x2)


We got stranded downtown, walked in fancy hotels
And, I chased you around
No attention to all the traffic lights
Midnight’s cold, I hold you tight, yeah
We fell asleep on the train, just to meet in our dreams
Then, we woke in our seats
I was thinking your lips upon my lips
Pull you in, good morning kiss, yeah

Oh…beyond our days of gray


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