528 Hours

528 hours left until the release of ‘DYAD’

untitled-Photo by Soul of KPMRecords

Why is KPMRecords offering ‘DYAD’ as a free download? Why are the artists so excited to release a free album? What’s the big deal about ‘DYAD’ anyway?

All great questions, here’s even better answers..

KPMRecords is in celebratory mode. Coming out of last year filled with an award-winning album ‘KARMA’, 2012 artists of the year nomination, Project H³s success, ‘Mayday’ receiving 2nd place on Beat100. A year as blessed as 2012 was for us, we had to start off 2013 celebrating and showing our appreciation to you.

Secondly, with the amount of talent, passion, hard-work and critical thinking that goes into the music, we hope to grow the support of our work and find a place in the hearts of millions. So we offer you ‘DYAD. To share it with friends and loved ones. To have a piece of work available at no cost that we could keep giving to people so they would have the chance to experience the artistry.

Finally, so that the full length album that is to follow, could reap the benefit of the ground-work laid by ‘DYAD’. We want to pave Grammy ground-work, iTunes #1 ground-work, national recognition ground-work.  We almost could not be doing more than what we are.  We pass the torch to you, help us spread it through the world.  It’s time, let’s realize our dreams in 2013.

‘DYAD’ available 3.1.13 for free only at kpmlabel.com

Please join the event page for ‘DYAD’

Tell Everyone.


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