KPM Approved inducts ‘Rob Young’


KPMRecords official induction of Hip-Hop artist ‘Rob Young’

Take a good look boys & girls, this is the caliber of artistry needed to become KPM Approved.

Why ‘Rob Young’?  Let us illustrate using a quote from his album ‘Soon Isn’t Soon Enough’ available for free download at “Not hungry..Starvin, can’t sleep it’s like three in the mornin, ain’t hit a lick since the middle of August rents due next week yup that ull be a problem”

Is it clear?

“But when your down an out your moral compass points to the south of your conscious and causes the mind of a convict, my partna wants me to be an accomplice but I’d rather be accomplished”

It has to be by now!

Young simply oozes what it means to be a genuine artist.  He simply demands greater attention from fans & artists alike.  Music is an appendage, it’s no different from one of his arms or legs.  He doesn’t create it, it’s what he is.

So, if you want to be an artist, if you’re trying to become a musician, if all you want to do is create amazingly intricate pictures shaped like words….STOP! 

Because if you want to be it, you’re not.

Congrats to Rob Young for having the God-given talent required to make the KPM Approved!


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