Soul Is Everything, Image Is A Given.



                                                    -Photo by Soul of KPMRecords

Noraa Ish talks to KPM about ‘DYAD’. Available for free download 3.1.2013 at

KPM: Noraa, ‘Anno Domini’ ’21-Reprise’ ‘Karma’ to ‘DYAD’, what does this album express that your other projects haven’t?

Noraa: Oh you just gon jump right into it ahahaha! With ‘DYAD’ being solo and building the songs alone for the most part, it feels very gritty. These songs are very close to my thoughts, I wasn’t refining too much. So when you listen, its like hearing exactly how I’m feeling without me trying to make it acceptable, or presentable. It’s real hip hop feeling, roots.

KPM: Was there a common theme for you on this album?

Noraa: Time. You may find that to be a common thread.

KPM: Would you care to elaborate on that?

Noraa: Oh I did..on the album ahaha!

KPM: Lol! Fair enough. What’s ‘DYAD’ sound like? Who could this album be compared to?

Noraa: That’s like you painting me a picture, and then me closing my eyes and asking you what it looks like….start coloring, I know Isaac gave you a box a crayons.

KPM: baahahaaa…

KPM: Well, would you just like to ask yourself some questions?

Noraa: I really do have to do everything..

Noraa: So why are you considered one of the most accomplished write…

KPM: Ok, Do you have a favorite song from this album?

Noraa: My favorite has prolly got to be ‘Hostage’

KPM: Can you tell us why?

Noraa: Without goin too detail, it’s like everything I always wanted to say, an just how I wanted to say it. I feel like my conflict as a person is described somewhat, and it has a very exact description of who I am.

KPM: Nice. So ‘DYAD’ Two solo projects one album, what do you think of Kid’s material?

Noraa: Isn’t he gonna have his own interview?

Kpm: Well…

Noraa: I’m Kidding. Na, officially Kid’s a beast. The harmony and melodies he creates are always very unique, and incredibly catchy. I’ve listened to his part, he poured his heart out. I will listen to his contribution to ‘DYAD’ more than mine…he’s a baller.

KPM: Exciting. I wish I could relate, but you are both so G-4 classified with all your new music, we don’t know what the hell it sounds like..

Noraa: No choice, the planet bootlegs. We’d have 12 versions of every song circulating if we shot you guys an mp3.

KPM: Hardly. Alright, March, First, Two Thousand & Thirteen. ‘DYAD’. Noraa Ish. Kid Pistol. Download for FREE! Only at

Thank you Noraa, get back to work. PEACE!


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