Where did IT go.

Where did songs like Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ in the rock genre go? In the rap genre, we’ve converted to techno-hop, dubstep and people like Ke$ha getting 90% of play on radio stations – what in the F*CK is happening! Are people actually requesting that Ke$ha, LMFAO, and Pitbull get played? In a club, that’s some fun music to dance to, but there becomes a point where you need to release your soul into some MUSIC. Since people don’t buy cd’s nearly as much as they used to, they rely on free sources of music, such as the radio, to get their music intake. And so, bullsh*t is what they get, and eventually learn to love. While all this is going on, you have starving independent artists waiting to contribute to the same exact thing, conforming to what everyone ‘wants’. And then, you have artists that are dying for people to hear the music that they bleed from their hearts and souls – but, will have a much worse chance to make it in the music industry. Why is this GOOD a*s music NOT getting the play, the recognition and mention that it should? What’s even crazier is that most anybody that you talk to in your friend circle will say the same thing that I’m saying here. So, if everyone is annoyed with the situation and wants back that GOOD music, why is this situation getting even and even deeper in the whole? Think about it, we’ve heard a majority of synth heavy, high-tempo, techno-sounding beats on the hip-hop stations for years now. Artists are getting lazy, dull with creativeness (or lack thereof), and plain boring, and listeners have no choice but to be lazy and stop doing things that music fans used to do back in the day (i.e. purchasing cd’s, have a die-hard devotion to the bands/artists that fed them music that they could listen to when they were heartbroken, in hate-mode, loved, depressed, etc etc etc.).

Do one thing to support the small amount of artists that are REALLY trying to breakthrough in an industry now designed to keep the little guy, the creative and original guy, out of the scene.

If you haven’t seen the Love, Fear & Loathing music video yet – CHECK IT OUT, it’s getting love on an unprecedented level right now. Kid Pistol fans go hard and stand for what is said in this blog. I personally swear on everything, as hard as you go for me and the music I create, I will work 3x as hard to make sure that I don’t ever disappoint, betray or let down you as a listener and supporter.

SHARE THIS ON YOUR FACEBOOK, your YOUTUBE, e-mail or anyway you can. That’s how music is heard, from one ear to another. Much love everyone – hope all is well in your lives.

Kid Pistol


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