LYRICS: #8 Karma (Outro)

Picture me runnin’/and uh, I’m never stoppin’/fuck the fence as I hop ’em/I’m poppin’ up on top of buildings as they belly floppin’/I’m the fuckin’ opera/this soul is so Sinatra/this thing of ours will forever prosper/Cosa Nostra/I’m so astrologic/eleventh month centaur/I am so ‘astromic’/Jupiter, fire sign, that is so ironic/tectonic planet killer comet/I peel the sky back from heaven as I’m fallin’ from it/my delineation is the constellation/draw that/I spit akashic/book of life my Atma’s cosmic/with a day star shine/stuck on Helian Prime/with a Furyan mind/I’m ecliptic/I’m the epicenter/ya’ll could catch me fuckin’ never ever/I’m whoever’s winner/ya’ll so middle of the road/I’m a black hole, playin’ hand ball with the globe/’bout to swallow it whole/and Kid will never come up missing/it’s just life, but this is our rendition/we ain’t listen/ya need a truer vision/we unify like we ain’t knew division/I’m cold and hot like he ain’t knew the difference/I pray for more repentance/my sentence full of vengeance/I’m the super bowl, ya’ll a fuckin’ scrimmage/I’m offended ya’ll was even invented/see I needed Rob Young, like my soul was robbed young/cause I could feel the soul, in his songs when he sung/and my heart jump start/Juma Blaq do the track/I’m the handle to the axe/shit somebody should swing me/only move forward/shit somebody should king me/Alicia Keys, sing to me/another broken heart/with my eyes closed runnin’ in the dark/we all ending where we start/with the scars of love/while we sinkin’ in the quicksand looking at the stars above/I can’t help think it’s me that I honestly was…

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