LYRICS: #7 Masquerade ft. Russell Stafford

Verse 1

Wake me up when it’s over/when you done with the “so what”/when you’re tryin’ to turn our love like the stove’s up/when you done with not showing up/cuz even when you showin’ up/you don’t know to show enough/so, wake me up when it’s over/i don’t feel like I know ya/I feel lonelier now/then when you not around/cuz when you not around/i could ‘member how you feel/when you was fuckin’ real/so when it’s over/or when you sober/when i don’t have to get to know ya/becuz I known ya, before you was a cobra/before the venom in your veins/before you changed/before the pain/before the rain came/before you had to claim/that you were still the same/cuz back then, that was really you/and you wouldn’t have to say it/so, wake me up when it’s over/an i could wake from my coma/and you could come out your persona/but you been gone so long, you like a Necromong/and there’s not enough you left, for me to hold on/please show me I’m wrong

(Russell Stafford)
X2 Don’t let your soul go/before you know/your soul is sold for gold

Verse 2

so wake me up when you done with the new you/cuz when the new you is old/now you someone you ain’t used to/an Chanel that you use to/feel how ya usual, usually beautiful/well, now it don’t work right/and ya can’t buy enough to bluff/cuz it was all just cover-up/and what coverup can’t cover up/is the other stuff/and now you just a smudge/but, you could keep tryin/you could keep applyin/but, everytime you put it on/that’s a put-on and you was lyin’/so wake me when it’s over/but go ‘head, tell me how them heels feel/and them brand new jeans/them was so clean/and look at my finger/ got carats on the ring/but holla when your teeth off-white and it hurt to bite/asleep day and night/my world is black and white

(Russell Stafford)
X2 Don’t let your soul go/before you know/your soul is sold for gold

Verse 3

I told you, you was turnin’ to somethin’ I wouldn’t have wanted/the first time you begged for some shit wit’ a label on it/and you was out partyin’/coke you may have wanted/I don’t know/you was drinkin’ all night until you vomit/an eww, damn, designer/you are so SoHo/but that’s South Houston/and you not east coast/you not the WestVille/you only know how the west feel/muhfuckas talk’n bout Kanye West still/give that man a break/ya know Kanye West ill/’Ye the only man that probably know how I feel/seems so harmless/then be so heartless/and think about herself, yet be so thoughtless/and even from the projects, she see objects/she see Mercedes/and she see bank/she wrote me a letter, then CC’d Jake/you as real as a carbon copy/you so fake

(Russell Stafford)
X2 Don’t let your soul go/before you know/your soul is sold for gold

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