LYRICS: #6 Mis-Overstanding Ft. Kid Pistol

Kid Pistol, half chorus lead-in
We’ll be ok/we’ll be ok/we’ll be ok/we’ll be ok/we’ll be ok/we’ll be ok/oooooooohhhhhhh

Verse 1, Noraa Ish:
You know how i feel/ ‘Final Hour’ nothing even matters/ lauryn hill/ inspiration is my mode of transformation/ I kiss your lips and wonder where your face went/ love is patient end quotation/ bullshit statement/ cuz they gon’ tell you that they love you/ just before they leave you/ look good in a preview, just a sequel, thats deceitful/ we see beauty/ outside people dont see inside if that’s evil/ if I do it I dont mean to/ I’m a screw up; we all equal/ and the ones around the least are the ones you need the most/ and you never know you got it til’ its gone/ so let it all go and figure out if you was wrong/ that should give you something you could build from/ something you could feel some/ we get so Novacained that the pain just sustain/ I want hurt to go away/ ‘fore my soul’s slow decay/ I want yesterday to stay, where I left it out the way/ and I want nothing in today, other than to hear you say/ are we ok?

Chorus 1, Kid Pistol
Are we ok? x8
We’ll be ok x7/ooooooooohhhhh

Verse 2, Noraa Ish

So, whats the size of the sky?/ And how you know they blessings in disguise, if they hidden from your eyes?/ And what you call that sound as a teardrop dries/ relief or defeat?/ and how you recognize truth, and you aint never told lies?/ and how you sympathize feeling fucking guilty inside?/ we keep that filthy inside/it’s such an easy place to hide/ and how you know when you wrong/ you only say that you right/ I only write how I feel, meaning i mean what I write/ I don’t believe in no hype, or let that shiny shit excite me/ I already shine quite brightly/ you should be more like me/ but, that is so unlikely/ my heart is just a crime scene and I explore it nightly/ I just need some quiet dreams/ something seen on fiction screens/ something where depiction seems/ picture perfect so serene/ sandy beaches ocean leans/ somebody please cut these strings/ somebody please scream cut/ if your life’s a nightmare, you should now be woken up

Chorus 2, Kid Pistol
Are you awake? x8
Someone, please wake me up, won’t you just wake me up?/won’t you just wake me? Won’t you just wake me up?/Someone, just wake me up, won’t you just wake me up?/Won’t you just wake me up?/oooooooohhhhh

Verse 3, Noraa Ish

Feel like I’m runnin on ‘E’/ runnin’ outta energy/ maybe everything I need is already inside of me/ but, I cant pull it/ I cant focus/ cuz you hurt and you dont show it/ you just hold it/ it exploded/ now the ones that got a motive get exposed/ they supposed/ they ain’t front/ or they aint pose/ or they aint fake/ or who knows/ but, the doors stay closed/ and the walls stay up/ and we all feel fucked/ cuz we don’t trust ya/ yeah busta/ they’d rush ya, just to touch ya/ but I never knew that/ I’d never know this../we’re all fucking hypocrites/ we all packing fuckin chips/ on our shoulder, we all show ya/ you get colder as you older/or you hot until smolder/ either way its all over/you just take from me, take from me/ i see these people they all shaped funny/ they screaming ‘Make money! Make money!’/ Rob Young told you that the paper turn to vapors/ neighbors turn strangers/ and love turn to anger…

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