LYRICS: #5 Love, Fear, and Loathing

1st verse
I only see you behind my eyelids/so where’d you go?/forming habits with my eyes closed/so now I know/we did everything together then/but now we don’t/I was happy there in never land/so far to fall/I heard it told to me so long ago/that time is cold/and dreams are waking up your soul though/just when it froze/on my own since you gone/so my dreams are wrong/I hold the pain in my palm/that I paint you from/you know I…

Adele bridge/chorus

2nd Verse
I used to believe in second chances/just cause I caught your eye/double take exchangin’ glances/questions not worth askin’/so, this must be romance, huh?/but I finally got my answer/hello, hello please tell me this is Hanna/an I’m livin in a movie/please don’t wake me when this scene cut/things ain’t what they seem but/don’t remind me/I’m still soaking up/right now, this is everything/right now, we the movie screen/so excuse me if my movement seem/I’m livin in a dream/I..

Adele chorus

3rd Verse
I don’t believe in second chances/first your heart get sprained and then it fractures/love that shit that get worse as you practice/and then we reenact this/until we leanin’ backwards/now we doin’ backflips/and it happens, and we hurt/and I mean it/I don’t need it incompleted/is just freedom/and for freedom I will bleed and I will die/and for you, I guess/and for you I just try/better let go love we holding, for love turn fear & loathing

Adele chorus/interview/instrumental breakdown

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