LYRICS: #4 Half Of What You Hear

Grounds keeper/run around town playin’ street sweeper/never hit you with a heatseeker/shit, you’d miss everytime/ya’ll Monday, Tuesday, weak on Wednesday/Thursday, Friday hella weak then/I’m Saturday, Sunday the week ain’t in/ya’ll been weak all week/I’m the weak-end/I’m the end of the weak/ain’t a mystery/muhfuckas ain’t around when it gets to me/’preciate a little urgency/we in a state of emergency/feds fuck’n all the currency/it occurred to me currently/you can’t confer with me/but, you could follow me/try study my astrology/fuckin’ rip the track/probably owe beats apology/try and stitch em back/let the track relax/and hand em back to somebody that’s wack/ya get clapped/it’d lead to that/and see to the fact, ya get capped when you rap/a repeated attack/I’m a plane, I’m a bird, I’m fuckin’ superb/I’m a legend, legacy in advance/if you hangin’ by the seam of your pants/that mean you fans/I been dyin’ to ask, tell the guy in spot one, need to get off my ass/rumor has, I been die’n to spaz/rumor has it, lit a can of gas with a match, bitch/and drank every drop/burn the track to ashes/real hard up to find a rapper with lashes/and ya’ll fired up, to find your ass in a casket/fuck’n ‘abnascious’/me a ball hog and I never will pass it/better get a booth, fire proof and then move/got a wolf on the loose, with nothin to do/and the first one found, teeth sink into you/here’s thinkin’ of you/I’m rollin’ down the block in a Cadillac coupe/how ya feel about Kid, got a Cadillac too/I’m cold, I’m hot/I don’t know when to stop/I don’t know what I got/but, I get it alot/I’m contagious/a muhfucka’s terminal ill/and it’s rageous, a muhfucka spit it and kill/rumor has it a muhfucka back in action/talkin’ bout rumors, ain’t nobody had asked ya/speakin’ my name, all a sudden you happenin’/and now they wonder if I kick it with that kid/and I’m like “Hell na, I ain’t never did that shit/grrr, matey got em walkin’ the plank/and I sccuurrr errrybody, better shove in a shank/and I… rock like I ain’t got food in the tank/how ya feel about rumors? Rumors are great ’cause/rumor has it, I’m fuckin’ magic/and even in the flesh, I’m what you imagined/you’ll never find Ish when I’m off on a tangent/go head look stupid, threaten to do shit/beat a dead horse/kick shit out a glue stick/you’ll be the next recipient of my two step/we F S Y E S, we in the nest/dog on the lawn, freshest shit you ever seen/I ain’t quite done yet/I’ma kill a cadet/like a shiny new pet, I’ma pet it to death/and when you run out of breath/I’ma try and resus/bring you back to life/just to beat you to death/but, these is just rumors/and rumor has it/rumors ain’t true/don’t believe in that shit

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