LYRICS: #3 Killin’ Me Smalls

1ST Verse
I’m bashin’ glasses, plastic, anything my hands on/ya’ll don’t know the half of it/ya’ll should shut your traps and shit/shit, save me some oxygen/alpha, omega/you lookin’ at a masterpiece/you viewin’ a Van Gogh/stuffy headed, into me/fresha than that Coogie/I don’t want your coochy/just watch the fuckin’ movie/death to fuckin’ smoochie/two things, you, me/that’s some shit it’d never be/metaphor to ufamy/you should try to use me/everything you say about yourself is me usually/eww, he fuckin’ booshy/oh, well ya’ll bullshit/guess we fuckin’ even/you don’t think we even?/me neither I was teasin’/bite it like you teethin’/ya’ll should try to be him, at least once/that way you could stunt without a front, at least once/you should see the way they face looked/when they asked me for some time/I said “Nah, my fuckin face booked”

2nd Verse
Fresher than you ever been/hold this then I’m goin’ in/hopeless, why they blowin wind?/sho’ enough he showcase/showin’ off, until he show again/show and tell/she show it well/show me some’n some’n, I ain’t see that/show me more detail/and I ain’t take for granted ‘cept the box, and then/you could act like you was, the end/cause I been runnin’ shit, since I was shittin’ in my britches/all these bitches talkin’ shit/don’t know that beef is so delicious/if you wonder how Ish is/I am ill like every sickness is incepted in my victims/holla “Can I get a witness”/I need no more than the scriptures/I am livin’ life like/every day is fuckin’ Christmas/I can’t take no advice/if you ain’t what I insist, then you are of no interest/fall back and give me inches/I ain’t fuckin’ witchu princess/go ahead and dig a hole baby/then fix how ya face look/my fuckin’ face booked

3rd Verse
They told me life was a bitch/then call me S.O.B/I told em make ya’ll feel better, ya’ll could replicate me/see, the difference is for instance/I ain’t trippin’ off them Benjams/new inventions every sentence/see, the truth is I’m a artist/ya’ll could try your hardest, but, ya’ll never be regardless/I would be fly fuckin’ sleepin’ on a park bench/or in yo bitch apartments/ha, ha I sexed her/LOL, OMG I’m in it while you text her/she asked me if I beatbox/no..but, I beat box/shit, I’m important/bitch, we in Portland/you ain’t heard of Ish?/what the fuck is you snortin’?/game of aggravation/I am running out of patience/see, everything you makin’ is so fuckin’ irritatin’/when awaken, I am ageless/I speak as if I’m ancient/they love you till you ain’t shit/don’t get it, like I’m cajun/”Heeeuwaaa, in the truck!”, look my fuckin’ face booked

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