LYRICS: #2 Into The Flames

1st Verse
Picture books, picture books/now see how cold your picture looks/when you close

your eyes, do you picture us/think of the past, can you feel my touch?/dreams

bring it back, but it’s all too much/while your clutchin’ your pillow but your

sick to your gut/feelin’ like your fallin but your body’s just stuck/images

flash but it’s all mixed up/hands, faces, kisses, hugs, pillow cases/try to get

a glimpse, but it’s all just fucked/and your wearin’ thin/any moment then/that

pain you in/should blow away in the wind/but gravity keep holdin’ it in/and the

room just spin/now you puke’n again/fallin’in place, to the place you begin

2nd Verse
Dirty looks, dirty looks/I can see your face when you thirty plus/an that shiny

shit all turn to rust/an the buildings emptied and filled up/and the people

that killed all the people that build ’em/the people it take/for the people

think/that the people are fake/’til the weight is enough and we finally crush

(crush)/so time is enough/give enough time and time murder us/so time

murderous/and it’s dirty looks/now ya see the dirt in all of us/quick sand it

jus swallow us/set fire to our flame/flame caught fire, it’d never be the

same/it’s scarred and stained from the pain so it can’t/and the time too lethal

to wait

3rd Verse
We fuckin’ burn it up, burn it up/thought it was burnt, it keep turnin’ up/and

your eyes couldn’t see inside of me/and a side of you that I never knew/and it

tore me apart/up in the morning, just sit in the car/didn’t have the strength

get the car to start/hours go by, and the car still parked/rain on the

window/tears on the door/neighbors wonder what I’m sittin’ here for/got my head

on the glass/and the keys in my lap/and I feel like I’m just about to

collapse/wa-water it’s just water all around me/this must be what it feel like

drowning/the sky in your eyes/and your heart keeps pounding/screaming your

name, set fire to the rain

I’m flippin’ through these picture books/and all these different views of us/it

looks like someone screwed ’em up/there’s nothin’ but these dirty looks/and the

beauty’s gone/and the canvas is wrong/soul could change so much from a year

ago/I can’t keep your love, nah, here ya go/see your face in the mirror it’s a

miracle/sick to ya touch/life ain’t enough to heal the cuts of love/reach for

the last place I thought you was/but there’s nothin there/broken hearts in a

puddle of love/tears everywhere/love,war, everthing fair/’til you talk to the

vets, roll ’round in a wheel chair/never see you there/never see you care/I

never feel you near

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