LYRICS: #1 Good Goes Bad (Intro)

Feel them holes in your heart where I pierced your soul?/And that’s why you

can’t never let me go, no/I’m a feeln you forgot you know/I remind you that you

all alone/you remember that it’s just a show/and we forget why we playin’

along/an now you glad that it’s just a song/but, this the matrix/and I’m the

only one/I’m the power in your veins when you feelin’ strong/that shower of

shame when you proven wrong/I’m hate, I’m love, I’m a hug, I’m a push, I’m a

shove/I’m everything that you thinkin’ of/Shit I thought before/I’m the art of

war/I’m the book on the art of war/I make you wanna kiss your bitch some

more/I’m a halo ’round a pitch fork/I’m a promise that it won’t come true/and

I’ma make ya still hope that it do/I’m the scars of love to remind you/the good

go bad, and everything bad stays bad, and the past comes back/I’m a fist pack

in a wrist wrap/so everything you fuckin’ pissed at/you could swing and miss

at/I’m a mis-hap/they say I’m this that/I say I’m they/you listenin’ to

them/you just listenin’ to me/master of the puppetry/welcome to my cup of

tea/I’m a thief stealin’ everything that you can’t see/”it can’t be”/you only

are what you can’t believe/and that’s why you can’t meet who you really are/and

that’s why you can’t feel where you really scarred/yea, we coulda had it

all/but everything we coulda had is nothin’ but a scar

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