TwentyOne days of 21-Reprise Day 19

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i play this song in my car everyday” –Lukundo Simwanza

You sound really really good Noraa Ish. Great job guys :)” –Bethany Watson

Congrats on the single man. Great song!!!!” –Alan Logston

Man I love this song..its stuck in my head” –Mary Glen

Just check it and is a great song Noraa!” –Julio Cortes

Damn son. You musta been on the Creatines writin that sheez. Muy Bueno!” –Corey Hoskins

i love this song” –Greyson Sim

Oh! My God seriously’this song is great u guys are amazing’realy nt a miss but its a hit! I love it.” –Inutu Maswabi

oh my god amazing i love it!!!!! it really hits home for me” –Jessica Wilcher

Yo this is dope” –Juan Briseno

jen and i just listened to it… luv it dude! I’m just so impressed at how much you’ve improved in terms of your lyrics and flow and the overall production value of your music lol that’s the audio nerd coming out in me right there, I automatically listen to the mix and production side lol. but really tho I know how hard it is to make good music and create a solid mix so I’m really impressed. You and kid are both amazing 🙂 Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album… luv youuuuuuu!” –Taylor Horton

Thanks for the fresh freebie, Noraa!” –Karen Johnson

nice soulful intro.” –Nick Steenolsen

love you two!!” –Kayelani Palacios

i downloaded it” –Maggie Hilty

It’s on the iPod and it’ll be rockin’ when I’m around it.” –Matt Mead

Oooooh. I love it!!! LOVE IT!” –Nicole Atkins

I like ittt! 🙂 Good job! ♥” –Nicole Mendoza

thanks Noraa” –Rob Del Rosario

its GREAT!!! i really like it and now i see how its hard for you to explain the genre of the music you produce! i just played this at the agency and everyone like it lol” –Aurora Salinas

Just want to let you know how much I love your team and all of you…I am braiding my own hair right now,
getting ready for bed, and listening to you and kid…loving your chick too ♥ #robotlove
” –Annie Angell

will be okay. . Will be okay. . yeah will be okay 😀” –Sobia Draz

Well looky looky he does it again! Certified Slaperonie!” –Rob Young

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Day 19I remember my music in the night, with my heart I meditate, and my spirit doth search diligentlyPsalms 77: 5-7


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