TwentyOne Days of 21-Reprise; Day 10

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Have you been keeping track of our daily inspiration? Much love to Mary Glen, Bethany Watson, Barbara Velasco, Ilarion Il Garfias, Izma Draz, Zilda Azza Kaulitz and all others that have shown love.

It’s NOT too late to reserve your FREE copy of 21 – Reprise. This album has gotten some amazing response from advance listeners. 8 track album featuring Adele, using such songs as: “Set Fire to the Rain”, “Rolling In The Deep”, “Take It All”, “Someone Like You” and others. For any fan of good, solid music and fans of Adele, this is a must-have.

RSVP for your free copy here:

Here’s the first single from the album, “Mis-Overstanding” with Noraa Ish featuring Kid Pistol:


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