New Single! Mis-Overstanding – Noraa Ish ft. Kid Pistol

This is the first single from ’21 – Reprise’. We will be posting a link for your free download tomorrow (7.19.11). Click on the picture to RSVP to download the full album for free on 8.2.11.


Most asked questions about Kid Pistol Presents: 21 – Reprise featuring Noraa Ish:

Q: What IS this?

A: A new album from Kid Pistol. 8 tracks, inspired from Adele’s latest album ’21’. Vocals from the talented Noraa Ish.

Q: Is this whole entire album COMPLETELY FREE?

A: YES. Kid Pistol and Noraa Ish spent a significant amount of time, effort and finances on this 8 track EP, making sure that it was recorded, mixed and mastered to a professional standard. So what you get is a new album that you’ll find yourself singing and knowing all the lyrics to and playing on repeat, and for FREE.

Q: Why are you giving such a good album away for free?

A: A few reasons. This project was not made to profit from Adele’s music – quite the opposite, in fact. This album pays homage to a great artist that we personally feel cannot receive enough recognition for her beautiful voice. On the flip side, Kid Pistol and Noraa Ish work flawlessly together on this album to compliment, not destroy, Adele’s music while showcasing their own talents. We want to expose all three of these artists to the light they deserve.

Q: For the most part, people will hopefully know Adele, but who is Kid Pistol? And Noraa Ish?

A: Kid Pistol is a producer from Portland, Oregon who composes hip-hop instrumentals, usually with a highly cinematic and epic feel and obvious attention to detail. Noraa Ish is a rap artist also residing in the Portland area. His highly distinctive, “commanding” voice and often witty and humorous lines define him.

Q: When is this album being released?

A: It is set to release on August 2nd, 2011! Make sure you RSVP on the Facebook Event NOW!:


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