Big Little Portland – To My Friends and Family and YOU.

Like’ this! Don’t just skim over this s**t (like I admittedly would in most cases, also), take a second of your online time to READ it, otherwise, I’ve wasted my time here because this is written for YOU. Yes, YOU reading this.

Lets face it – we ALL want to be famous in one way or another. If you post your status saying something like, ‘Our squad just killed this dance!’ and 36 people ‘Like’ your status after 30 minutes, you’re going to feel a sense of ‘internet fame’ right? We get people on Facebook sending us 13 million invites a day that end up just pissing us off and begging that Facebook would create an option to “Auto-ignore all event invites”. We get music artists spamming our pages, saying “Check this shit out, new HOT single goin crazzy”, and people sending tons of random friend requests just to add to their friends list. Right? Here, in Portland, we have some amazing people that have amazing talent in all kinds of professions. Not only that; we all know each other, or have heard of each other via Facebook mutual friends or just by people we know in the real world at clubs, agencies, etc. I mean, damn, we have some crazy talent everywhere. Ayanna Berkshire appeared in the first Twilight movie as a waitress and is currently working with people from NBC’s pilot, ‘GRIMM’. That’s major moves. Emma Pelett, one of my personal favorite models from our area, has an untouchable work ethic that speaks for itself when you see the final product of her work; different, creative and beautiful. And you’ve probably seen her picture on a bus stop bench ad without even knowing it was her. Erandini Diaz is another comparable model with an identical skillset. Props to Kamyar Jahan as a male model, who was gracing the stage at Portland Fashion Week, alongside designer J.Calderon. Then, you’ve got Annie Angell running the ridiculously creative and fresh Grape Juicy, which happens to be absolutely everywhere in Portland throughout fashion shows. And chances are, Adrian Adel and/or Gina Garbero have been the ones to take the dopest photos at those shows, or photoshoots. I was just recently acquainted with Gina, but have already told her how big of a fan of her work I was. Brandon Neustel created Spun Academy years back and ever since then it has exploded into something so much bigger than what it started out as, and I’ve had the pleasure of watching this happen on the sidelines. I knew instantly I wanted Spun Academy backing my product. I could go on forever, Liz Walker is one of the dopest female rap artists I’ve seen in a while. She’s doing her thing with the music videos, shows, and the whole 1UP s**t, it’s dope. I love to see grind like that. CiCi Calderon and the HG girls are dope with the dance crew and I can’t wait to see what happens with the dance they are choreographing for my album, Jillian Rabe and her company has exploded since I worked her years ago during a photoshoot, there’s just too many names to put down right now.The problem is not that we lack talent, but teamwork. In the fashion industry, Portland may be a minority, but we are still recognized nevertheless. In the music industry, we don’t have much to show for. Myself, as a producer, I struggle constantly thinking of creative, fun, different, FRESH ideas to not only entertain you, but make you curious to learn more about me. Often I’m letdown by putting hours, days, weeks, or months of work and money into something, then releasing it for others and not having the response that I wanted. However, after failed attempts, I get a surprising response that inspires me to make even more creative material, which requires more work and money, and ultimately the chance of more failure, but also more success. I continue because I want to prove that I’m worth your belief, your faith, your time, your ears, and your support. I am blessed enough to have Grape Juicy and Spun Academy backing this project. Now, imagine if we put aside our competitiveness, combined our networks, and set aside a very small portion of time. We could put out a project that would have no choice BUT to stand out and be recognized. I don’t ask for your money, but just your attention for a few moments. Share this note.

RSVP on Facebook: to my people that have really supported my music, I absolutely cannot express enough how much you each mean to me, I look forward to growing with you guys, we’re family. Peace, ya bastids!

Thank YOU,
Kid Pistol


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