Music fans, Adele fans – Welcome

Any of you remember “Adele’s Breeze – Presented by Kid Pistol”? You know, the album paying homage to Adele, one of the greatest singers of our recent history? You know, the album that suddenly exploded in online popularity, as well as taking over popular search terms such as “Adele”? And, the album that continues to post impressive download numbers?

Here’s a link if you’re not up-to-date:
That’s a free download of the album. You’re welcome.

Here’s the juicy stuff – Adele is back with her chart-topping new album, ’21’. This also means that Kid Pistol is back!  *Break for applause*

Kid Pistol’s new album is titled “Kid Pistol Presents: 21 – Reprise featuring Noraa Ish”, which is another (and supposedly the final) album paying homage to Adele. The album samples such songs as “Set Fire to the Rain”, “Someone Like You”, “Turning Tables”, and other new favorites from ’21”.

“21 – Reprise” is set for release on August 2nd.


Download a free copy of “Adele’s Breeze:

RSVP for the event, visit the official Facebook event site here:!/event.php?eid=116092958466317

Check out the recent promo video Kid Pistol just released:

Stay tuned to this blog for continuous updates on ’21 – Reprise’


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